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What makes you smile?

If you live in Massachusetts there are millions of reasons to  smile. Mike Napoli’s championship ring makes him smile. What makes you smile? 

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Stretch your dental benefits.

And get MORE dental services for LESS money. Just choose a dentist in the Delta Dental PPO network.

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National Flossing Day is Friday, November 28.

Are you using it properly – or enough? Here’s how to get the best use of your spool.

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New Affordable plans for Individuals and Families


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Dental plans that provide choice and savings

Enjoy access to the nation’s largest network of dentists, along with claims savings that are second to none.

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Bringing dentists and patients together.

Here, everyone benefits from plans that bring dentists and their patients together more often.

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Delta Dental gives employers more for their money.

Delta Dental offers the largest networks for more convenience, more preventive services, substantial claims savings thanks to the deep discounts we negotiate with short more value. Plus our PreventistryTM approach is aimed at eliminating oral disease and keeping our members healthier.

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No dental plan through your place of employment? No worries.

Delta Dental has affordable dental plans and options to keep you and your family healthy and happy. Plans with the most dentists in the networks, great savings, easey to join and easy to use - no wonder Delta Dental has the most members.

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Oral Health

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Manage your oral health. Anywhere.

We've gone mobile! Check our our FREE Mobile app that allows you to find a dentist, manage your coverage & everything in between. Learn more

Take control of your oral health today.

Delta Dental continues our commitment to oral health with our unique PreventistryTM approach to care. Introcuding, an easy-to-use online program that offers our members access to new risk assessment technology, provides them with an accurate evaluation of their oral health and encourages early treatment of potential problems such as tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer.

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