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Streamline your benefits management process with just a click.

  • Enter, edit and terminate enrollee eligibility
  • Update member benefit information
  • Review plan benefits


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More Value for your dental dollars

Delta Dental, the nation’s most experienced dental benefits carrier plan, gives employers more for their money. And that means better benefits for all.  Just ask the two million people we serve in Massachusetts.

  • Largest provider network in Massachusetts and the nation
  • Substantial claims savings, thanks to deep discounts we negotiate with dentists
  • Prevention-focused programs designed to improve oral health outcomes

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The Power of Prevention

Oral disease is almost 100% preventable. That’s why we give employers and members the tools they need to eliminate dental disease.

  • Full coverage for more preventive services than many other plans
  • Enhanced benefits for higher-risk members
  • Yearly Preventistry‚Ą† Oral Health Report that shows the status of your employee population and the amount of preventive care they’ve received